Thursday, August 7, 2008

Party Fairy Girl And Her Clown Fairy Kitty

"Keep it simple"

Is what my Husband tells me constantly!
I worked so hard on this design. Starting with the digitally painted legs,hand and neck. That alone took me three days to complete. Redefining her dress and all it's little creases took even more time..Not to mention the socks and little black patent leather shoes. Then there was all the embellishments that I added. The little diamonds placed on her shoes,brooch,necklace and sweet delicate bracelet were all custom to fit her sweet little body! lol Hard work "YES" it was but I always learn a little more each time. Patience it truly a virtue with this form of art. Then hubby steps in and says .....
"Why do you add all that clutter, I like it when it was just her and the Kitty!"So guess what?
I have two versions of this design you decide which one you like best!

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