Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Suttilak Fine Art - Drawing in Thai Style

Hi everyone!
It's me, Suttilak Soonghangwa.
I'm an artist from Thailand.
I'm so excited to join writing on this blog.
Here are some of my ACEOs which
sold out all in 2008.

The Magic Thai Lotus.
The Flying Horn Fish.
The Wings & Horns Lion.The Wings Lion in the Forest Thai Design.
And, the Wings Lion with his friend.

Want to know more about me and my art?
I hope everyone enjoys it.
Oh! By the way, If you'll be pleased by
visiting my blog and wish to be a follower.
Please go on. You are very welcome!
I wish to follow your blog too. -^_^-

Thank you for your attention.
S u t t i l a k