Monday, October 13, 2014

ACEO - lighthouse, Oregon. Latest ACEO art on vintage paper.

This is a pen and wash (watercolor) sketch/painting done on top of vintage ledger paper from 1887. 8th in a 'garden' series.

My latest original, unique artwork. I love and collect old papers, but there are so many wonderful things to do with them. This is a genuine old paper is backed with acid-free cardstock. Some of the original handwriting appears on the vintage paper.

On top is art created from my study photos of gardens and other delights.

Not too many people don't like lighthouses, and those in Oregon are a treat. Often visited, photographed, and rendered in paints, inks, and pencils. This is the Coquille River Light in Bandon, southern Oregon. A favorite with so many. And while, not typically a 'garden' scene, shows the summer garden of wildflowers growing on the cliffs/rocks, by the lighthouse. Showing us that nature's beauty can show up anywhere.

I've used white gesso under some of the painting - as this helps to make the colors 'pop' a little more. This is the same type of sketching used in art journals, urban sketches, and travel diaries.

Listed on eBay here ...

Thank you for looking, and hope you enjoy my work.

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