Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Alcohol Ink Art Mastering the Beast

My newest obsession is alcohol ink art. I have had some inks for quite a long time. They were acquired when I took a workshop on using them and a blending tool to make backgrounds for domino necklaces. I hadn't used them for a couple years and then in December, I saw a Facebook friend make art with them!  I was hooked.
Of course, it can be a beast, since they have alcohol in them when one touches another it makes a reaction and does it own thing. It's very hard to correct a mistake in a "flowing" background. The inks can be used successfully on any nonporous surfaces.  The first things I did were abstracted designs on ornaments but I kept thinking, I really want to paint with those. I joined a facebook group and people were doing tiles so I got some tiles, developed a little more patience and started to paint but it still wasn't enough. I wanted something I could FRAME, hang on the wall, that kind of art!  Then I found out about YUPO paper. Made from plastic pellets.  You can't tear it but you can cut it.  So I cut it down to ACEO size. And I did some strange flowing landscapes as pictured above.
Finally I mastered it. Now I can do more detailed paintings. Many of the more detailed ones I've done in larger sizes as I find a little larger surface is easier for me. But as I grow in proficiency these little gems will get easier I'm sure. 

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Joann Y Wheeler

Sunday, April 6, 2014

ACEO collage - old papers collaged, decorated with original roses painting.

Such fun to do. Did this today, an ACEO (2.5x3.5") art original collage + original painting roses.

Old handwriting from 1874, Harper's Bazar illustration (fashion) from 1898 - hand tinted in watercolor. And decorative roses hand-painted in gouache.
Rounded corners - card backed. "A True Rose" Listed on eBay.
© Jillian Crider


Thursday, April 3, 2014

New ACEO Easter bunnies egg

Just listed these cute bunnies on ebay. I really tried to push the colors on this one and make them pop. The scan is a bit washed out but I took a photo with my phone to show off the gold and the colors look more true to life in that.