Thursday, November 6, 2014

A new ACEO from artistjillian - fall porch with pumpkin.
Here's another in my garden series:

ACEOs (2.5x3.5") - pen and wash (watercolor) on vintage handwritten (1887) ledger paper.

This time it's a old porch with pumpkin and stunning autumn foliage.

Can be seen online on eBay

artistjillian - Jillian Crider. Art journal, urban sketchbook style. Original.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Another ACEO original art - watercolor and ink - pen & wash - garden birdhouse with pink roses.

Original painting - ACEO (2.5x3.5") - SFA - Small Format Art (Any artwork not over 14"). "Birdy Condo"

"Original unique artwork. I love and collect old papers, but there are so many wonderful things to do with them. This is a genuine 1887 handwritten ledger page, backed with acid-free cardstock. Some of the original handwriting appears on the vintage paper.

On top I've done some pen and wash paintings/sketches from my photos of gardens and other delights.

A weathered birdhouse condominium-style by the Oregon coast. A scattering of pink roses trailing over the sides of it. I don't know if birds like to live condo-style, but it sure looks great in the garden with salt-weathered wood.

I've used white gesso under some of the painting - as this helps to make the colors 'pop' a little more. This is the same type of sketching used in art journals, urban sketches, and travel diaries.

P.S. For locals that may like to guess. This is in Charleston, OR.
Hope you enjoy these as much as I have in discovering these wonderful gardens, and creating these little paintings."

Listed on eBay:

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fall garden scene - original ACEO. Pumpkin and bird houses.

My 2nd to last listing for this month, on eBay. ACEO (2.5x3.5") original painting pumpkin fall garden porch birdhouse ink watercolor CRIDER on eBay.

Pen & wash, art journal style sketch/painting. Porch is a historic early 1800s house in the Rogue Valley, Oregon.

Friday, October 17, 2014


This little witch is all decked out in her finest attire for the Halloween Holiday season. Her lovely "tulle" dress is dotted with twinkling stars and her pointy hat looks splendid with it's lovely purple buckle! She is surrounded by a swirling mist with a spooky green glow. 

Irridescent watercolor paints have been used on cold press watercolor paper and the card measures 3 1/2" x 2 1/2"

Don't be scared....have a peek....bidding starts on Ebay at 0.99!  Treat!

Click here to go to auction

Thanks for looking! Enjoy!

Monday, October 13, 2014

ACEO - lighthouse, Oregon. Latest ACEO art on vintage paper.

This is a pen and wash (watercolor) sketch/painting done on top of vintage ledger paper from 1887. 8th in a 'garden' series.

My latest original, unique artwork. I love and collect old papers, but there are so many wonderful things to do with them. This is a genuine old paper is backed with acid-free cardstock. Some of the original handwriting appears on the vintage paper.

On top is art created from my study photos of gardens and other delights.

Not too many people don't like lighthouses, and those in Oregon are a treat. Often visited, photographed, and rendered in paints, inks, and pencils. This is the Coquille River Light in Bandon, southern Oregon. A favorite with so many. And while, not typically a 'garden' scene, shows the summer garden of wildflowers growing on the cliffs/rocks, by the lighthouse. Showing us that nature's beauty can show up anywhere.

I've used white gesso under some of the painting - as this helps to make the colors 'pop' a little more. This is the same type of sketching used in art journals, urban sketches, and travel diaries.

Listed on eBay here ...

Thank you for looking, and hope you enjoy my work.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

A wheelbarrow full of bright red geraniums. Latest ACEO original art.

This is a genuine 1887 handwritten ledger page, backed with acid-free cardstock.
Some of the original handwriting appears on the vintage paper.

On top I've done some pen and wash paintings/sketches from my photos of gardens and other delights. It's an ACEO - 2.5x3.5" - collectible art trading card size. Done in pen & wash - art journal, sketchbook style.

Sometimes a friend just lets you loose in their garden. This was what happened with Connie's garden. A much loved and carefree garden full of delightful old treasures and critters. A venture of discovery. Light and shadow. A great old wheelbarrow here, with rusty watering can. Overflowing with bright red geraniums.

I've used white gesso under some of the painting - as this helps to make the colors 'pop' a little more.
This is the same type of sketching used in art journals, urban sketches, and travel diaries.

Listed on eBay:

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Turning a house into a home. ACEO pen & wash on old paper.

When does a house become a home?

I think it's when you can see how much an owner loves their own house.

Beyond the white picket fence ... this house, shows it with the 'little' version of their house turned into a birdhouse, outside their living room window.

Pen and wash (watercolor) ACEO 2.5x3.5" on vintage handwritten ledger paper (1887).

Listed on eBay:

Monday, October 6, 2014

Another new ACEO - fall pumpkins - a pretty garden scene.

My 5th in my new series. ACEO (2.5x3.5") pen and wash (watercolor) sketch/painting on vintage (1887) old ledger paper. "Fall Shadows" - those beautiful sunny days, but with evening shadows creeping in on all the fall loveliness, as it did with these pumpkins on a very seasonally dressed doorstep.

Available on eBay. 

Such a great fall scene. Artist: Jillian Crider. Art journal sketchbook style.

4th ACEO in my current 'new' garden series.

A new ACEO (2.5x3.5")by me and just listed on eBay. "Living High" - an elegant birdhouse in a lovely house's garden.

This elegant birdhouse is probably 'high living' for most birds, but birds also need 'living high' to stay out of harm's way.

On eBay: my original pen and wash (ink and watercolor) on vintage 1887 hand-written ledger paper. Backed with card stock.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My 3rd pen & wash ACEO painting in new garden art series.

This is my third in my new garden series ACEO (2.5x3.5") pen and wash (ink and watercolor) sketch/paintings.

Topped with some white gesso, this little pleasant garden scene with birdhouse "Bird Station" - making a very pleasant garden vista, all on top of an old ledger paper from 1887 - some of the old original handwriting can still be seen. I love gardens that have other elements in them. This had an old weathered wooden stool, and a rusty enamel bowl on top. Set in the basin was a birdhouse. Behind it, the building's porch, overflowing with an abundance of blood-red roses, with irises and leafy plants in front. It certainly caught my eye.

Listed on eBay HERE:

2nd ACEO in my garden series - done on paper from 1887.

This is the 2nd ACEO (2.5x3.5" - collectible art card size) from me in a series I am doing. Pen and wash - journal-style - watercolor with ink. This is an eye-catching window box of red geraniums putting on their spring-time show on a ledge in front of a divided window on a cedar shake house, that sports dual-panel shutters to complete the 'look'. Painted onto a handwritten ledger paper from 1887, and backed with cardstock.

Now on eBay - find it here ... - Jillian Crider 'artistjillian' - Thank you for looking. More coming soon ... I'm doing a 'series' - I am putting my studies of local gardens to good use! :)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Old Woman feeding Chickens ~ Original Aceo Painting

Old Woman Feeding Chickens Aceo Painting

Acrylic Painting 2.5 x 3.5 inch



Price: 9.99  with FREE shipping


Saturday, September 20, 2014

A new ACEO - a new series - gardens and flowers, unique original painting.

A new ACEO from me. Original watercolor painting. Pen & wash journal-style garden arbor with Chinese lantern on a handwritten ledger paper from 1887. Beautiful back-lit garden.

Now on eBay - find it here ... - Jillian Crider 'artistjillian' - Thank you for looking. Look for some more - I'm doing a 'series'.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

ACEO / ATC backgrounds - digital download - French typography vintage advertising ephemera.

Today's new digital download sheet in my Dreamy Papers Etsy store ...

Naked ACEO ATC French backgrounds digital collage sheets instant download art - great for jewelry display cards by DreamyPapers on Etsy. by DreamyPapers, $3.50 Naked because they have nothing added - just scanned typography - mostly from Paris businesses. Vintage advertising art. Cards, tags, collage and altered art, or for art journals. Great ephemera. Probably from the 1800s.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Shinrin Yoku means "forest bathing" and is the act of getting into nature and experiencing the forest for the benefit of your body, mind and soul. You can almost experience the breath of fresh air kitty here is enjoying! I hope this painting gives you a sense of calm and enjoyment.

ACEO, acrylic on Arches watercolor paper
$50 plus $4 shipping to the USA; $2 Canada

Friday, August 8, 2014

Comment on my post for this on Facebook to be in drawing for this book. It's flawed on covers to where I don't want to sell it. So I'll give it away. Comment by 9am PDT Monday, August 11th, to be in the draw. A great how-to book on folk art roses of all kinds.

Read my description in the post, to make sure you know the details of it. Thanks. Good luck!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Grab bag of unique paper supplies for creating ATCs and ACEOs.

Although I've sold well over 20 of these, I finally got around to making up some more. They are selling fast. 4 out of the 5 I made have now sold, but I'll be making and listing more in the next few days. So check my Etsy store.
See my "Dreamy Papers" store on Etsy HERE.
Most of the papers are over 100 years old. The images are old ones, too. All are OOAK, unique. These are wonderfully inspiring for projects that may need paper to be incorporated in them. I know how long it took me to collect the papers, images, and tools to make all these, so understand that sometimes your creative project is delayed while you accumulate what you need.
With these grab bags you have inspiration and supplies at hand - ready to go.

Use for ACEOs, collages, art journals, scrapbooking, greeting card creations, tags, project life projects, ATCs, altered art, altered bottles, altered tins, canvas art, artwork, and much more.
See the description for more information in my Etsy store.

I even have this very simple sample showing how one might use some of the shapes in these packages (shapes vary with, and in, EACH package), all are OOAK, unique:

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My latest ACEO - a Shriner clown.

I have always loved my clown series, but it's been several years since I have done one. I decided that it fitted a theme on guys faces for the month of June. I love letting their personalities shine on through, without being overwhelmed by their costumes. The hair on this one presented a challenge, but loved that about doing this one.

I've titled this "Red, White, and Never Blue". By artist, Jillian Crider (artistjillian)

It's transparent watercolor. ACEO size (2.5x3.5").

These clowns were in Marietta, Georgia at a Shriner's Circus around 2007. I got to hang out with them before the show, and they were just so really wonderful. Please support the Shriners. they do wonderful work, and with lots and lots of heart.
Listed on eBay:

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Alice and Wonderland ACEO

This ACEO is now available for bids at the Rabbit Hole Artist Collective's Tim Burton auction. Starting bid $35 with a BIN of $50. Click here to go to the facebook link and leave a comment with your bid if you're interested. Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Alcohol Ink Art Mastering the Beast

My newest obsession is alcohol ink art. I have had some inks for quite a long time. They were acquired when I took a workshop on using them and a blending tool to make backgrounds for domino necklaces. I hadn't used them for a couple years and then in December, I saw a Facebook friend make art with them!  I was hooked.
Of course, it can be a beast, since they have alcohol in them when one touches another it makes a reaction and does it own thing. It's very hard to correct a mistake in a "flowing" background. The inks can be used successfully on any nonporous surfaces.  The first things I did were abstracted designs on ornaments but I kept thinking, I really want to paint with those. I joined a facebook group and people were doing tiles so I got some tiles, developed a little more patience and started to paint but it still wasn't enough. I wanted something I could FRAME, hang on the wall, that kind of art!  Then I found out about YUPO paper. Made from plastic pellets.  You can't tear it but you can cut it.  So I cut it down to ACEO size. And I did some strange flowing landscapes as pictured above.
Finally I mastered it. Now I can do more detailed paintings. Many of the more detailed ones I've done in larger sizes as I find a little larger surface is easier for me. But as I grow in proficiency these little gems will get easier I'm sure. 

Visit me online: Http://

Joann Y Wheeler

Sunday, April 6, 2014

ACEO collage - old papers collaged, decorated with original roses painting.

Such fun to do. Did this today, an ACEO (2.5x3.5") art original collage + original painting roses.

Old handwriting from 1874, Harper's Bazar illustration (fashion) from 1898 - hand tinted in watercolor. And decorative roses hand-painted in gouache.
Rounded corners - card backed. "A True Rose" Listed on eBay.
© Jillian Crider

Thursday, April 3, 2014

New ACEO Easter bunnies egg

Just listed these cute bunnies on ebay. I really tried to push the colors on this one and make them pop. The scan is a bit washed out but I took a photo with my phone to show off the gold and the colors look more true to life in that.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

New ACEO - Out of Their Element

Here's a cute painting of a little mercat with a friend perched on his head. I love painting shells and water! I wanted the octopus to look cute without looking too goofy, and I think I accomplished that!
Just posted in my Etsy store - take a look!


Social media self-promotion tips for the artist - Instagram tutorial

As many who sell their own artwork will tell you, the hardest part is the time you spend promoting yourself. These days there is just so much good artwork out there you have to work hard to get noticed! Here's a little social media "trick" I use to make sure I post often, efficiently, and keep my audience engaged. You need to have a mobile device to do this - I use an iPod touch. My secret weapon? The Typic app!

To use this app effectively, you need to have an Instagram account, and an account on another social media site, preferably more than one. Remember, the more your work is out there, the better! I also have a Facebook and Twitter account. 

First, go to the app store on your device and download an app called Typic. This app is free, but you can upgrade it with different fonts, frames, etc for a small fee if you want. You don't need all the bells and whistles to get started. You will also need the Instagram app installed, plus accounts for any other social media sites you belong too. 

Open your Typic app, and choose a photo you'd like to promote. You can choose a photo from your camera roll, or you have the option of taking a picture from within the app. This is useful if you want to post "work in progress" (wip) photos quickly. I find posting wip photos gets my audience excited, creating a buzz as they wait for each new installment.

There are three options at the bottom, take a picture, choose from your camera roll, or scale and crop. Here I've chosen a picture from my camera roll. (These are all screen shots right from my iPod.)

 photo poniestut1_zps91f417e6.jpg
The icons here mean take a picture, use a picture from your camera roll, and scale and crop.

Once you have your photo chosen, there are several different options to edit it. You can crop your photo, or add a frame. You can add text or a symbol. Just scroll from left to right at the bottom to choose different options. I like to be playful with this. I always add "wip" to the upper corner if I'm working on a painting, and my copyright notice. You can also add a quote, or a cute symbol. (Instagram uses a square format. You don't have to resize your pictures to a square if you don't want to.)

Here you can see after selecting drag and resize, I've cropped my photo. You can leave it as is but if your picture is not square, you will have space on the sides. When you're done tap the check mark and scroll to the right for more options. 
Once your photo is cropped, framed, and had text and/or symbols added to it, it's time to post it online. As you scroll across your options at the bottom (and you can always scroll back to change anything you want), the last frame is "Share your Typic!" Tap on the last option to the right, Instagram. 

Here you can see I've added a green frame, and some text. There are different fonts to choose, also symbols like stars.

After a few seconds, two options will scroll up. Select "Open in Instagram."

This will open your lovely creation in your Instagram app, where there are even more options to edit your photo. I don't bother with these, but you can get as fancy as you want. Click "next" in the upper right corner and make sure you're on the "share to followers" tab as shown here. The default text that pops up is "Made with #typic @typicofficial." Click at the end of this sentence, backspace to remove it, and add your own text. 

Part of your text should be hashtags. Not too many, and make them count. I've noticed people on Instagram tend to go overboard with the hashtags, but you really don't need more than a few carefully chosen words. You can find out what's trending online and use some of those if you wish. For example here I used "ACEO," "cat" (cat is very popular!), "SFA," and painting. 

When your message is complete to your satisfaction, click off the options below to choose your social media sites. As you can see, you can post on Instagram AND four other sites at the same time! I've highlighted Facebook and Twitter here. Click share at the bottom and you're done.

That's all there is to it! It seems like a lot of work but once you've got the hang of it it takes no time at all, and you can post multiple images throughout the day, edited with witty comments and dressed up with neat design elements. I think it's fun, and it makes twitter less of a chore! I especially like to keep my iPod beside me when I'm painting, that way I can post a quick WIP picture throughout the process. The only hard part - building your followers. If you're interested, check out my Instagram account for ideas!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A word on displaying and collecting original art.

Art adds SO much character and adds interest to one's decor.

A few years back I decked all my walls full of art. Some were from floor to ceiling. Some were my art pieces, but it included others' work, too.
I loved to look up and see it. It gave me a lot of joy.

But even more amazing, my visitors loved it. People would come in and go directly to my walls, and conversations would start up. Even people that were usually not interested in art were attracted to it.
While one large artwork over a sofa might be asthetically pleasing, maybe my ideas of collecting and displaying art might be a lovely alternative for some.
This is some of my art as displayed in my apartment a few years back. A SFA (Small Format Art - search on SFA to discover more online) watercolor 5x7" of a Royal Doulton teacup with pink roses. There is an ACEO (2.5x3.5" - search on ACEO to discover more online) on top of the china cabinet, too. And a 12x36" acrylic on canvas of music artist "Sammy Blue" (google him to check his work), a friend of mine.
Original art is OOAK - only one of a kind. If you want to be unique, this is a wonderful way to go. Great works can be found online - I'm sure you can find some to fit YOUR budget.

Happy collecting and decorating. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

"The Old Victorian" original watercolor painting old house.

"The Old Victorian" original ACEO watercolor (+ some ink). 2.5x3.5". Listed on eBay:

"I tend to get 'caught up in all the details' when doing my art. I deliberately chose a looser style with this, and love that I did. The house is lived in an historic with wonderful Victorian features. Shown in the 'lace' work on the door and side windows. A 'side' door to the house, but accented with a lovely garden and topped off with an American flag.
The garden is lit with sunlight, which in turn is reflected in the windows and door glass.

Although some of my brush strokes give fine details, I chose to add a little bit of ink work, particularly to emphasize the iron lace scroll work and to add character'. Some nice steps make this entry seem really inviting. I love old houses, and this one is a joy!"

Saturday, March 1, 2014

ACEO - original watercolor - cowgirl barrel racer.

Original ACEO watercolor painting 2.5x3.5" "I'm grinnin'. I'm winnin'." 

"Just the sheer exhilaration of barrel racing sets one's heart a'poundin'.
Whether this rider is grinning for the pure joy of it, or because she's winning, I don't know.
This is a winner for capturing the thrill of this ride! Yehaw!
Cowgirl up!"

Rodeo barrel racer on a white horse. By artistjillian © Jillian Crider.

On eBay:

Friday, February 28, 2014

My latest ACEO original watercolor painting. Fluffy cat on a doorstep.

Just finished this original watercolor painting. It's an ACEO (sized always at 2.5x3.5"). I love doing art this size, it helps to really concentrate on the essentials.

I was looking at the door of an old building, when I saw I was being watched back. This fluffy cat made a lovely subject for this painting. Thanks for looking!

I have it listed on eBay - HERE

Saturday, January 11, 2014

This ACEO incorporates a miniature dollhouse painting - Savannah Swamp.

Original art. 1.2" x 2.35" (approx.) miniature gouache (transparent watercolor) painting on illustration board mounted onto an ACEO (2.5 x 3.5") with transparent photo corners. The ACEO has the swamp landscape continued onto the ACEO using ink.

ACEO (Art Cards, Editions & Originals), always 2.5x3.5"!
SFA - Small Format Art (nothing over 14")

"An experiment with ACEO creation. I combined a miniature dollhouse painting with an ACEO. The image is of one of the swamps found in my travels around Georgia. It was close to Savannah, Georgia - coastal. A fun work, and quite unique." By Jillian Crider. 


Saturday, January 4, 2014

Vintage Scottie Dog Button made into an ACEO with a French theme.

"At one stage 'Scotties' were 'the' dog to have. This button is just SO cute and from that era. So kept a really simple composition. I tied it on using yellow and white bakers' string. Creating my own French theme using an image from an old vintage book.

This would be great as a collectible ACEO, or as part of a journal or larger collage."

Collaged ACEO using vintage button - Gloves

Another 'found vintage button' - yellow gloves. I immediately thought of sexy black lace. I hunted and found a favorite vintage Victorian image of the lady with wonderful gloves. I composed all together on a yellow ACEO - real lace, image, embossed black circle shape, and button. Then added a black scroll brad with just a touch of glitter.

All up, a seductive mix, I think. This would be great as a collectible ACEO, or as part of a journal or larger collage."

Old plastic decorative padlock found in button jar - finds new life as an ACEO!

Original collaged ACEO. "I found some 'interesting' buttons in a stash of vintage buttons, they weren't stunners but certainly too amazing to be hidden away amongst others. The black padlock may be a button, or not. It was amongst the mix. I was terribly 'lucky' to find the vintage Victorian image of the lady on a padlock (maybe it's to represent having the key to her heart?), so I used that image on top of metallic silver fabric/paper, together with old handwritten ledger paper from 1916. The woman's image was repeated in smaller size, and added to the button. It seemed appropriate to add the filigree heart. A bit of whimsy was added using a black scroll brad with a touch of glitter.

All up, I think it is a pretty and interesting mix. This would be great as a collectible ACEO, or as part of a journal or larger collage."

Vintage parrot button used for collaged ACEO.

A new series of original collaged ACEOs. 

"I found some 'interesting' buttons in a stash of vintage buttons, they weren't stunners but certainly too amazing to be hidden away amongst others. This red parrot button was fastened onto a Victorian ephemera image of a beautiful corseted lady, who did indeed have a parrot perched on her fingers. I added a real red feather to add a whimsical tail and decided to find some brilliant gold foil coins for a pirate and/or cigar box feel. This would be great as a collectible ACEO, or as part of a journal or larger collage."