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ACEO Article I wrote Feedback PLS

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I wanted to get your feedback on this article I wrote and let you know that I'd be happy to invite you to post your new listings on the blogs I've mentioned in this article. Since this article is going on my website I'd like to mention a few of my friends here as other ACEO painters, so if you email me your info and tips, I'll mention you and link to you on my site(and if you want to post on my blogs be specific about which ones you want to write on. Thanks Much!!!!


Using Small Format Art or ACEOs instead of an artist’s sketchbook
By Pamela E Miller
As a profession fine artist, I have several series of paintings which are high-end and worth thousands of dollars in galleries. However, like most artists I love to experiment and I don’t always want to paint a piece that is part of an established body of work. Instead of a sketchbook, I paint small format art or ACEOs (Art Cards, Editions & Originals)which are currently for sale in my bargain Etsy store .

This practice began in 2006 when artist, Jillian Crider introduced me to using ACEOs as a way of making my art available to the average person verses only offering paintings designed to be sold to art collectors. Ms. Crider has built a community of artists and collectors called ACEO Enthusiasts to support fans of this popular tiny art. She also developed a blog called Small Format Art to allow artists to display their new pieces that fall under the Small Format Art category. Her introduction opened up my revenue making potentials and allowed me to create whatever I like when not developing more pieces for my higher priced bodies of work and I’d like to pass on my practices to other artists who use sketchbooks.
I began very simply painting one of my favorite subjects: Horses (to see examples of ACEOs and Small Format Paintings of my horses and examples of artists I like go to However, I soon found myself joining community groups for artists that paint and love animals (one such group is Animal Loving Artists ). This lead me to painting other animals like cats (, dogs (, and marine life, birds and bugs ( From there I became a miniature paintings dynamo creating fantasy figures (, cityscapes (, landscapes and flowers (, abstracts ( and most likely more to come!
Because of the practice of doing small format art and ACEOs, I’ve been able to make money on my experimental and conceptual ideas plus, remain fresh and full of ideas for new series paintings to add to my collections of fine art. It’s my hope that this look into my creative processes will be helpful to my fans in understanding my art and will assist Artists in expanding and developing their own artwork

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