Monday, January 21, 2008

Robert's Raptors

Okay, there it is! I've managed to get it uploaded. Had a little difficulty with uploading my Proud Red-Tailed Hawk but there it is. I often draw or paint birds of prey, and have a passion for raptors in art.

I love doing ACEOs now. I was drifting smaller and smaller in my art anyway because my physical disabilities make it much harder to work on larger pieces, and I love doing something so small that I can get detailed and intense while still finishing it in a reasonable amount of time. I change mediums with almost every ACEO, and especially among different types of colored pencils. Each brand of colored pencils gives me different effects. This hawk was drawn with Derwent Graphitints, a mutant hybrid between watersoluble 8B graphite and watercolor pencils, pencil wash with a hint of color.

Most of my ACEOs are available for sale and easily found by searching on Robs Art at eBay.

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