Sunday, August 24, 2008

~Art Is From The Heart~

~With Your Heart You Create Art~

Never let anyone tell you where to start.
Yummy Cup cake fairies and little butterfly kitties.
Crowned Blue birds, singing little ditties.
That is what my heart is made of.
My imagination lends to your sensation
So make no hesitation soon my art
Will flood the nation!
©Cute Art World

I carefully placed, the fairies hair strand by strand! The hearts and text is given the appearance to look like plastic! I enjoy designing new creations and also enjoy a challenge! Should you have something in mind that you would like for me to create for you please contact me! I accept commission work you can reach me at Double click on the picture to see a full size image of the incredible detail in her eyes,hair and just about everywhere! It is truly a great size to view!

The poem was written by Anitra you will receive a free copy with each Card!

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