Friday, August 22, 2008

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"Mr. Otis Toad"

Mr. Otis Toad holds tightly to his apple
As he reads the ninth chapter of The Chosen Ones!
Yellow fairy Donovan yells hey maybe I am one of them!
Please do tell, Mr. Otis Toad!
White Fairy Baby Tree said no, no I think it's me!
Tell them Mr. Otis Toad!
Checkered fairy Cindy Lou gave a loud shout that was really rude!
“Tell us silly frog, I can’t wait any longer!”
Mr. Otis Toad ruffled his nose and looked at little Lou
“Well we know it is most defiantly not you!”
He cleared his throat and gave a croak!
“Oh My it is Lady Di and I!”
Di was delighted and most invited, to lay her prayers to rest.
Checkered fairy Cindy Lou turned blue
As she wished them both the very best!
Donovan and baby Tree whispered secretly
It was always meant to be!
©Cute Art World
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