Monday, February 18, 2008

Beware the Seller who makes money off high shipping costs

You know what? I'm getting so irritated with mean nasty people out there that leave retaliatory feedback for no reason at all. Mean.

I bought three items in the last few weeks. I paid for them immediately but asked first, hey...can you combine shipping? I mean really...I've been on eBay for years and know the game (my other account heather-sky-studio, where I sell my original art) and have really worked hard to make sure that I am commiserate with current shipping costs. Most of the time I've eaten the difference and under charged.

So here I have this other account. I buy some goods, pay for them right away. I leave a postitive feedback to the seller, though warn other potential buyers of high shipping costs and no real break. They sent me the package for flat shipping at 9 dollars and charged me 25.

Then they come back and leave me three negatives!!??? WOW!

Let me get this straight:

I buy their goods
I ask for combine shipping they will only give me 5 off
Ok, I pay for it right away
I get the package wow, it's 9 bucks not the 25 I paid
I leave a POSITIVE feedback, with warning of high shipping.

Then I get three NEGATIVES.

Does this seem retaliatory to you guys? I mean wow...I'm kinda bummed.


Thanks for reading this far. I guess there isn't much I can do but warn people to be very very careful. VERY very careful.

Did I make the point yet to be really aware...and careful.


Follow up::

I've had a small amount of conversation with the seller and they will not withdraw the negative feedback left to me. Never mind they are mean spirited and don't like to be called on their crooked business practice of charging astronomical shipping fees.

I left three positives stating item as described, shipping too high. They retaliated with three negatives. Then just said good luck dealing with eBay, almost knowing nothing will be done. I've reported this...we'll see where it goes. I'm very unhappy that this can even happen.

Details of the transaction etc are above.

Buyers, be very very careful! :-( Bad apples out there.

Since I can't use their seller name on eBay or my eBay blog there (my user name there for my antiques and collectibles -- christine-wasankari)

I CAN do it here.

Do NOT buy from this seller for anything!

Once again...these people are crooked and retaliatory. Be very careful.

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