Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Exploring Venues

First of all to Christine, I'm very sorry about your retaliatory feedback. :0( I hope your customers read the comments and realize that they say much more about that seller then they do about you.

I'm not sure if this is a phenomenon that is shared with other artists, or if I'm just weird, but I have many styles in which I love to create. No matter how much I enjoy one style, I still feel the need to try others, and continually am trying out new mediums and subjects. The last year has seen me turn out angel cats, and mercats, green man, ordinary cats, Midnight the Wonder Cat, dogs, dragons, ducklings and even a lone chimp. The styles I paint in vary from the most cartoony to my best attempt at realism. The mediums I used span the whole art supply store. In short, creatively I'm a mixed bag.

With this in mind I am beginning move around some of my art to different venues. At each venue I'm attemping to build a more cohesive inventory of items that share more in common. Etsy has become my preferred venue for my realism and watercolors. Ebay is where I test the waters for new things, and where Midnight has his loyal following, and the new venue is yet untested. I'm not sure what people will be looking for at that site so I am testing the waters with one little Midnight model, and I'll be listing other items later on.

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