Monday, February 25, 2008

Border Collie ACEO - Holiday ideas - by Susan Alison who's fed up with the cold...

Monty: Ahhh - it's the time of year when one's thoughts turn to holidays...
Rosie: I'll be happy with a trip to the country to feel the wind in my fur, smell those country smells, chase a few sh... er, shquirrels.
Monty: Blimey, Rosie - that's almost poetic. But, which country?
Rosie: This one, of course.
Monty: You're in a rut!
Rosie - snrunch!
Monty: Arooooo!
(Susan: Just a footnote to say that in no way do we approve of sheep chasing. That was just Rosie's little slip up. She's been playing too many video games.)

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