Sunday, February 17, 2008

Support ALL self representing artists ...

This blog has been set up as a showcase of ACEOs, but also I don't want it to be where people feel censored.

Yes, eBay has stopped being fun to sell at for at least 12+ months, with so many changes and glitches, but it is definitely the venue for ACEOs, after all, it is in the groups there that ACEOs were founded.

With the proposed changes, we ARE changing by EXPANDING to other venues to 'test the waters'. I have long been on Café Press, Art by Us, and even Etsy, and this blog DOES allow links to ALL these venues where artists currently have listings, as well as personal websites and blogs.

This blog should not be about swaying people one way or another, but directing people to enjoy our art, and seek us out (no matter where we hang our art), seeing us as dedicated artists. Without our buyers we would not exist, we would fade into the background.

I am always in awe of the vision and full of wonder at the original creations as they appear, we have such talented people.

Some of us HAVE to rely on sales of our art to get by, so please be mindful that some of our listings on eBay are because we NEED the sales. So, should you see something you love, please don't decide not to just because of the eBay 'boycott', you could be the one person who really makes that artist jump with joy because you overcame all objections to just buy a piece of art you love, and put some much needed cash in their pockets!

Thank you again, for your support of ACEOs.
Thank you for viewing this blog.
I KNOW you'll enjoy the art.
(This page shows all my current selling venues, including commissions and direct sales, though I'm not sure if I'll stay with wagglepop.)

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