Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Piazza San Carlo - Turin - Italy - ACEO

Winsor & Newton on Watercolor 140 lbs/300gms Arches Cold pressed paper

San Carlo Square (Piazza San Carlo), is one of the most famouse squares of Italy,
it's in the center of Turin (Torino) town and it's friendly called "Turin's lounge"

The square was projected by Carlo di Castellamonte in the 17th century,
but was enriched one century later by the architect Benedetto Alfieri.

In the middle rises the equestrian statue of the
Duke Emanuele Filiberto (by Carlo Marocchetti - 1838).

The square has a rectangular shape and on the long sides are the two twins palaces called Solaro del Borgo.

On the south side are two churches attibuted to the Castellamonte Architect.

The whole square is surrounded by porticoes where now are many famouse fashion-shops and old cafeteries.
After a great restoration the square has rised to a new youth in the last years and trafic
is not allowed now this is why each time I pass through it I love to feel the ancient
air you can breathe in this corner of history.


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